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Caribbean Rum Producers To Get Same Deal After Brexit

Caribbean Rum producers have welcomed the signing of a trade deal between the Caribbean Forum…

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Rum Producers Move to Protect Intellectual Property

Caribbean Rum producers recently met in Barbados to discuss how best to protect the intellectual…

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International ‘Alcohol School’ Held In Kingston

Over 120 persons converged on Jamaica last week (15-19 Oct) for the Ethanol Technology Institute's…

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WIRSPA Launches Responsible Drinking Initiative

September 2018: WIRSPA, representative association for regional rum producers, is launching an initiative to promote…

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Rum Making

Authentic Caribbean Rum is made in 15 territories around the Caribbean and is produced in many different distilleries. Most of the world’s great rums originate from the Caribbean and it is here that the Rum Masters practice an art form that is steeped in history.

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