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Voice of the
Caribbean rum industry
LEARN MORE WIRSPA is an association of national associations of rum producers
in the ACP Caribbean
The ACR Marque A symbol of authenticity, provenance and quality
for rums in our family.

Building Rum Heritage: Unique Opportunity to Promote Agrotourism Through Rum

Two regional organisations have joined forces to promote the distinct qualities of two Caribbean iconic…

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WIRSPA News Roundup, June 2021

WIRSPA NEWS ROUNDUP includes: Enduring COVID – Social & Economic Impact Continues? Did We Drink…

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CARIFORUM Rum Producers and French Rum Group Sign Historic Accord

Caribbean rum producers are joining forces with French group CIRT-DOM, to get the best deal…

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WIRSPA Chairman’s Letter, 2020

WIRSPA Chairman's Letter 2020, now available - read below or download.

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Rum Making

Authentic Caribbean Rum is made in 15 territories around the Caribbean and is produced in many different distilleries. Most of the world’s great rums originate from the Caribbean and it is here that the Rum Masters practice an art form that is steeped in history.

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