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Rum Producers Assist in The Fight Against COVID-19

Caribbean Rum Producers have taken on a special role in many countries, as the supplier…

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WIRSPA News Roundup, Dec 2019 to Feb 2020

The latest news roundup from WIRSPA includes: WIRSPA Meeting In Jamaica, December 2019 Social Media…

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50 Years of WIRSPA Presentation

At the Feb. 2020 Miami Rum Congress, WIRSPA presented a session entitled “50 Years of…

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Technical Conference 2020 – SAVE THE DATE!

Another excellent opportunity to network and showcase your products and services to spirits producers from…

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Rum Making

Authentic Caribbean Rum is made in 15 territories around the Caribbean and is produced in many different distilleries. Most of the world’s great rums originate from the Caribbean and it is here that the Rum Masters practice an art form that is steeped in history.

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