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The Authentic Caribbean Rum (ACR) marque was developed as a symbol of authenticity, provenance and quality for rums within the WIRSPA family. As usage of the marque grows it will act as a visual symbol to help trade and consumers identify ACR brands, but in the short-term it will be used to promote the development of Authentic Caribbean Rum as a distinct sector within the drinks industry, again both for trade customers and consumers.

A three tiered system has been developed for use on packaging in order to reflect the work done by individual brands to differentiate their range.

A communications campaign was implemented in 2008 – 2010 to promote Authentic Caribbean Rum in Italy, Spain and the UK. The campaign was focused around the theme ‘True Rum’ and made use of several advertising media – consumer and trade press, posters and online sites. In addition, the campaign used public relations, trade shows, consumer events, bartender training and a website to communicate with trade customers and consumers. A defining feature of the campaign is the use of powerful portrait photography of real individuals with a true connection to Authentic Caribbean Rum. The people featured in the ads are all involved in the rum industry in some way.

This campaign re-started in Mid 2013 with a focus on trade customers and influencers.

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