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Energy, Waste Treatment and the Environment

WIRSPA actively encourages best practice in energy efficiency, waste treatment and environmental protection. Producers have invested significantly over the past decade in improving waste treatment and introducing more energy efficient equipment and processes. WIRSPA actively promotes exposure to new and emerging technologies and sharing of experiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility

WIRSPA encourages all its member associations and associated members to be fully aware of their responsibilities to their wider communities and adopt both responsible and ethical business practices. This includes sound corporate governance and awareness of the impact of activities on employees, consumers, communities, stakeholders and the environment.

Responsible Drinking

Alcohol has long played an integral part in most societies and the place of rum in the social, cultural and historical make up of the Caribbean is well documented. However, WIRSPA is acutely aware of the potential impact, on both individuals and society, of inappropriate consumption. WIRSPA is committed to working towards minimising such behaviour in order to make responsible drinking a valued and enjoyable part of life in a modern, responsible society.

A key area of concern for educators, law enforcers and governments is the advertising and promotion of alcohol. WIRSPA fully supports the initiatives of Spirits Europe and the World Spirits Alliance, and has developed its own Code of Practice for Responsible Advertising and Marketing of Spirit Drinks.