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WIRSPA is made up of associations from individual Caribbean territories.

  • Antigua Rum Producers’ Association
  • Asociacion Dominicana De Productores De Ron (ADOPRON)
  • Barbados Rum Committee
  • Belize Rum Producers’ Association
  • Distillers and Rum Producers of Guyana
  • Grenada Rum & Spirits Producers’ Association
  • Haitian Rum Producers’ Association
  • Jamaica Rum & Spirits Trade Association
  • St Lucia Rum Producers’ Association
  • St. Vincent Rum Association
  • Suriname Rum Producers’ Foundation
  • Trinidad Rum Exporters’ Advisory Committee

Associate members:

  • Dominica Rum Association
  • St. Kitts Rum and Spirits Producers Association
  • Bahamas Distilling Co. Ltd.